Testing is an activity that transforms your product into one that is more effective, productive, engaging, and interactive. A product's stability and longevity in the market are directly correlated to the quality of the testing that it has undergone. Launching a product without first putting it through the appropriate testing will almost certainly result in the product's failure. Quality assurance is an essential component of product development.

The high-impact method to quality assurance testing provided by Automated QA Testing Solutions for an e-commerce website is both quicker than manual testing and more flexible than automation. This helps to build shorter feedback loops and reduces the amount of time needed for the development cycle by up to fifty percent.

If your online store runs smoothly, you'll be able to provide the best possible shopping experience for your customers. Therefore, in order to guarantee the continuous operation of an eCommerce website, a list of the most critical elements of an eCommerce website has to be evaluated.

Checking the layout of websites

A number of pages make up the framework of an eCommerce website, including the Main pages, category pages, product description pages, and shopping cart pages, among others, such as the Main pages.

Examining the primary pages, which include the homepage, product pages, site map, privacy policy, return policy, and special offer page, is the duty of the tester. Other primary pages include the site map and the return policy page. When it comes to validating the functionality of an online store's website, it is necessary to examine each and every page.

Poor Capabilities for Conducting Searches

Before actually making a purchase, the vast majority of clients or website visitors like to look through the various products that are available first. Potential customers can be turned off by a slow loading speed and a lack of functionality in the search function, which can ultimately lead to a low conversion rate.

Unsatisfactory Performance of Shopping Carts

There are many instances in which a customer can locate the products that they are looking for; however, they are unable to order those products due to issues with the functionality of the shopping cart. Customers, for instance, are unable to apply discount coupons or add or remove options that do not function properly.

4. Integration of Payment Gateways Being Tested

Checking out the website's payment gateway is one of the essential things to do before using an e-commerce platform. You will need to put it through a number of tests to verify that it functions correctly and offers protection when making financial transactions online.

The following are the steps to be checked for the checkout and payment process

  • You are responsible for paying the correct amount, which includes the correct price of the product, the correct shipping charge, the correct amount of VAT, and any applicable discount codes. You are able to test this method of payment by modifying the final list of products, applying various discount coupon codes, and selecting a different region to see how the shipping costs change.
  • You need to make sure that the payment has been processed correctly by utilizing all of the different payment methods available to you, such as online banking, credit or debit cards, PayPal, and so on. In addition to this, you are responsible for ensuring that the order has been canceled and that the payment ID has been returned. All of this information is viewable by using fake accounts and sample debit and credit card numbers.
  • Verify that the emails and invoices that were produced after the completion of the payment process have been sent.

Bottom Line

Quick and accurate testing is essential to any successful e-commerce company because it directly correlates to an exceptional customer experience, which in turn leads to a profitable business. Problems with the quality of e-commerce websites can quickly snowball into unhappy customers and missed opportunities for marketing and sales.

Automated QA Testing Solutions guarantees objective and stringent functional testing for enterprise applications in order to fulfill end-user requirements. The primary goal of this testing is to verify website mainline operations as well as user experience, connectivity, and default settings.